Camellia Boutros is a student at University of California Santa Cruz graduating from a double Bachelors program in music performance and computer science. She has composed and performed for both classical and jazz ensembles, including orchestra, brass quintet, jazz combo, and jazz big band, as well as playing gigs in the Bay Area with various pop, funk, hip hop, and church groups. Her most recent projects include designing sound and generative music for video games, including as the sound designer and audio programmer for indie studio Choice Provisions upcoming game, Runner 3. She has also completed short senior theses on data sonification for biorhythms and experimenting with Daniel Brown’s Dynamic Percussion Engine.

Through a partnership between University of California Santa Cruz and the University of Sussex, Camellia has spent the summer of 2017 participating in Sussex’s IJRA program, a junior research program designed as both a way to give young researchers experience in their field and aide the university in completing real research projects. It is this scheme that has brought her to work on the Altman-Koss Video Jazz Archive. Though there have been researchers in the past who began the work of digitising this archive (most notably Bj√∂rn Heile, whose work on the project led him to eventually publish the book Watching Jazz), Camellia is the first to digitally catalogue the information included in it, analyse that information, and conduct meaningful research on the contents of the collection. With guidance from her supervisor Professor Ed Hughes and support from the school of Media, Film, and Music, she has put together this website in hopes that anyone interested in the archive could learn more about its contents and potentially access it at the University of Sussex.